WordPress admin shows a white page


You wanted to change something to optimize your WordPress website.
Most likely you added code to your theme’s functions.php file.
Code you wrote yourself or maybe a snippet you found on the internet.

Unfortunately you end up with a blank page, all is gone, nothing but white.

Ok, never mind, the code wasn’t good, let’s remove it.
Ugh, still a white page.

Chances are you have empty lines at the end of your functions.php file.
Somehow WordPress doesn’t like those. Make sure the last line in your functions.php file has text or code on it.

To prevent this from happening.
– always backup your file before you start making changes
– check the code you copy from the internet, don’t copy empty lines at the end
– remove empty lines before saving

If you didn’t manually add code you probably added a plugin. This sometimes results in not only a blank website but also blank admin pages. Nowhere to access your WordPress installation. Not all is lost. Access your site using a FTP program or the admin panel of your host (Cpanel, directAdmin). Browse to your plugins folder and remove the plugin you just added or rename its folder.

If this doesn’t help, rename your plugins folder for a moment and try to access your admin panel again. Once you are in, restore the name of your plugins folder. All should be good now.

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