Shopp Bulk Product Importer

This Shopp Bulk Product Importer plugin started out as ‘Shopp Importer’ by Catskin Studio. We used a 0.9 version as a template, but had to rewrite just about everything to make it work with Shopp 1.3.x or higher.

We have created a full featured Shopp Product Bulk Importer. An importer that will not only work properly on new installations but also on webshops that already have products.

Apart from the four mandatory fields (name, price, category, product identifier), we have managed to also import the following properties*

  • Add-ons
  • Comments
  • Description
  • Details
  • Donation minimum amount required
  • Donation variable amount allowed
  • Download
  • Exclude taxes
  • Extra fee
  • Featured
  • Height
  • Image
  • Inventory
  • Length
  • Not Taxed
  • Pingbacks
  • Processing min. time
  • Processing max. time
  • Publish
  • Sale
  • Sale price
  • Separate Packaging
  • SKU
  • Slug (lookup only)
  • Subscription Trial
  • Subscription Trial interval
  • Subscription Trial period
  • Subscription Trial price
  • Subscription Billing Cycles
  • Subscription Billing interval
  • Subscription Billing period
  • Stock Quantity
  • Summary
  • Tag(s)
  • Type
  • Variation(s)
  • Weight
  • Width

*all properties are related to the Product Editor screen of Shopp. For example, we are not importing comments, but the setting for comments (disable/enable).

The plugin identifies your products by productname. In case your productnames are not unique, your SKU field should hold an unique identifier to make the plugin work properly.

Current version: 0.4.2