Shopp Product Page Browser – Plugin

Try out our new Shopp Product Page Browser – plugin.

In short, the plugin will add the shopp(‘product’,’browser’) tag to your Shopp environment. All you have to do is add the tag to your Shopp product.php template file and it will display a link to the previous/next product.

This can be done by use of default Shopp tags too, but we were looking for easy access for non-programmers.

We’ve added a settings page in the Shopp Extra Menu (Shopp sppb). This will make it easy for everyone to make changes to the generated links. The downside is, the settings will apply to your entire Shopp webshop. We’d love to hear whether or not you like this approach.


- set the phrases used for 'Previous' and 'Next'
- set to use product thumbnails instead of 'Previous'/'Next'
- set the size of the thumbnails
- use preset size for thumbnails (1.3 version only)
- exclude categories 
  ('Previous'/'Next'-buttons will not appear on those Shopp product pages)
- exclude products 
  ('Previous'/'Next'-buttons will not appear on those Shopp product pages)
- set maximum number of products in category

Where to put the tag in product.php?
The choice is yours, but a good spot would be just above the else-statement at the end of the file.

Read the readme.txt file for more instructions. The code to add to your Shopp product.php template file is different for version 1.0.2, 1.2.5, and 1.3.x or higher of our plugin.

Remember, your products need to be in categories.

Check it out for free, donate if you like it 🙂

Download it from the website, or through your WordPress Admin Panel.

Don’t forget to let us know how to improve the plugin.


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  1. Support
    Support says:

    We are not doing anything to the images actually apart from setting size to the one you specify on the settings page. Do you have a link we can take a look at? Can you be more specific about “terrible” ? 🙂

  2. Bjorn
    Bjorn says:

    Well, seems to work perfect. Thanks for the update!

    A tiny other question: I’m displaying thumbnails for previous / next. They look terrible however…

    Any suggestions on how to improve quality?


  3. Support
    Support says:

    We were finally able to release version 1.2.5 of our plugin. This one should work with Shopp version 1.2.5

    Take a close look at the installation guide in the readme file. The screenshots may help too. We had to change the code that goes in your Shopp product.php template file.

    Remember your products need to be in categories.

    Let us know if you run in any trouble.

  4. Support
    Support says:

    To All of you. Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. We are sorry to hear you have some trouble using our Shopp product browser plugin. Unfortunately we were aware of it but couldn’t fix it because the problem was in the source code of Shopp.

    With the release of Shopp 1.2.5 things should work better, but don’t activate the Shopp product browser plugin yet. We are working on an updated version. We promised to finish this some weeks ago but couldn’t find the time to do it because of projects in progress. Thanks for your patience.

  5. Bjorn
    Bjorn says:


    I ended up at this page when googling my issue with sppb plugin.

    Plugin is very good and I had success with the product page browser plugin, till I updated shopp.

    Every once and a while my single product pages won’t load.
    Screen loads only partially and after a looong time I receive the error:

    Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 600 seconds exceeded in *./wp-content/plugins/shopp-product-page-browser-sppb/sppb-output.php on line 103

    Seems totally random, difficult to reproduce.. mostly happens after clicking around on the site for a while..
    Problem disappears when disabling the plugin.

    Think the plugin is fundamental for a Shopp site, but right now it makes my shop a bit unreliable, so I had to disable the plugin. I’d prefer to switch it back on so I hope there’s some kind of solution for this.

    If you are willing to take a look I’ll provide login credentials by mail.

    thanks in advance!

    Current installation: WP 3.5 // Shopp 1.2.5. // SPPB 1.2.1

  6. Carmen C.
    Carmen C. says:

    Once the last product is displayed in a category, the listing goes to a catalog page that displays ALL products in ALL categories. It is not going back to the first product in the category. How can I fix this?

  7. Support
    Support says:

    Hi Traci,

    the line you are referring to is a while-loop. It seems there is a value missing (the index value). Because of that the while-loop never ends and the warning you describe is generated at a very high speed.

    We are testing on our own test site but were not able to reproduce the error, yet.
    We understand if you are going to leave the plugin for what it is and try your luck with another system. But if you are willing to work with us we might be able to solve it.
    Is it possible to get temp. access to your test environment or if we give you directions are you comfortable with making some changes and do some testing yourself?
    If so, it would be a good thing to turn of error logging for now.

    Contact us through the contact form. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  8. Support
    Support says:

    Hi Reskator, could you check your Shopp version? If you are using 1.2.x of Shopp, you are using the wrong version of our plugin. There is a 1.2.x version.

  9. Traci Bunkers
    Traci Bunkers says:

    I’ve upgraded to shopp 1.2.3, and downloaded the version of your plugin (1.2?) for it and was trying it out on my test blog. I was having trouble with it, so I deleted the plugin. I saw y error log was 5 gigs in size. I looked in shopp, at the system errors, and there were 1000 errors that all said this, all with the exact same time:
    PHP NOTICE: Undefined index: [sppb-output.php, line 103]

    even though I had deactivated the plugin & deleted it. I reset my error log in shopp, and instantly there were 1000 more of the same error. I restored my database, and it didn’t help. I don’t understand how it’s causing errors when I don’t have the plugin anymore, and it’s causing my error file to become huge. Deleting the error file doesn’t help because it becomes large again. So I need to get it figured out. Luckily it’s just on my test site and not on my live shop.

    I’ll see if I have a backup from before I installed the plugin to see if that helps. But do you have any idea what’s happening and how to fix it?

  10. Traci Bunkers
    Traci Bunkers says:

    I just upgraded from shopp 1.1.9 to Shopp 1.2.3, and installed version 1.2.1 of your plugin and it seems to be working fine. Is there a way to have both a thumbnail and next previous/next?

    Also, I’m not sure if it is causing any problems, but I checked my error log, and have this error a lot:
    PHP NOTICE: Undefined index: [sppb-output.php, line 103]


  11. Reskator
    Reskator says:

    1. Yes, I tried with various values of products but that does not work more.
    2. website : but I deactivated the extension (it prevents the customers to see the detail of the product and it forbids the addition in the basket).
    3. The version of SPPB is 1.0.2 with WordPress 3.4.1.
    Best Regards,

  12. Reskator
    Reskator says:

    When this extension is activated, it is not possible any more to see the detail of articles which appear on the following pages of the catalog.
    For example, if the catalog contains 30 articles and if the display by page is 24 articles, the detail of articles 25 – 30 does not work any more.

  13. Support
    Support says:

    @Traci, sorry for getting back to you so late. Your comment ended up in our spamfolder. The warnings (not errors) are the result of using a different (newer) PHP version than we used when developing the plugin. There will be an update soon.

  14. Traci Bunkers
    Traci Bunkers says:

    I’m getting some error messages in shopp from your plug-in. I’m not sure if it’s causing problems or not.
    I’m using wordpress 3.3.2
    shopp 1.1.9
    Here are some of the error messages:
    2012-04-29 13:03:10 – Shopp: Function ereg_replace() is deprecated [sppb-output.php, line 23]
    2012-04-29 13:03:10 – PHP WARNING: explode() expects at least 2 parameters, 1 given [sppb-output.php, line 188]
    2012-04-29 13:03:10 – PHP WARNING: explode() expects at least 2 parameters, 1 given [sppb-output.php, line 189]
    2012-04-29 13:03:10 – PHP WARNING: in_array() expects parameter 2 to be array, null given [sppb-output.php, line 65]

    Traci Bunkers

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