Shopp Facebook Like Button – Plugin

Try out our new Shopp Facebook Like Button – plugin.

In short, the plugin will add the shopp(‘product’,’facebook’) tag to your Shopp environment. All you have to do is add the tag to your Shopp product.php template file and it will display the Facebook Like button and counter.

There are currently three versions of  the Shopp Facebook Like Button plugin. They are all available for free at Make sure you download the plugin version that matches your Shopp version.

We’ve added a settings page in the Shopp Extra Menu (Shopp sflb). This will make it easy for everyone to make changes to the generated buttons. The downside is, the settings will apply to your entire Shopp webshop. We’d love to hear whether or not you like this approach.


- easy access to settings by use of the settings page
- include/exclude people's profile picture
- button text adjusts to your WordPress language setting
- set the size of the thumbnails
- Open Graph Tags can be used too

Where to put the tag in product.php?
The choice is yours, but a good spot would be just above the else-statement at the end of the file. Like this,

<?php shopp('product','facebook'); ?>
<?php else: ?>
<h3>Product Not Found</h3>
<p>Sorry! The product you requested is not found in our catalog!</p>
<?php endif; ?>

Read the readme.txt file for more instructions.

Check it out for free, donate if you like it 🙂

Download it from the website, or through your WordPress Admin Panel.

Don’t forget to let us know how to improve the plugin.


4 replies
  1. Support
    Support says:

    Hi Andrew,
    sure you can translate the plugin. To be honest I am not sure the plugin still works with the new 1.3.x versions of Shopp. I have not had the time to test it. Let me know if you need anything.

  2. Andrew Kurtis
    Andrew Kurtis says:


    Week ago I have asked for your permission to translate your Shopp Facebook Like Button plugin in Spanish and I didn’t hear any from you since. I hope that you will find time to provide the reply, because we believe that the translation would be of a great use.

    All the best,

    Andrew Kurtis

  3. Support
    Support says:

    @joyce, be sure to use the right version of the plugin. Furthermore, looking at your code, it seems you are using the wrong single quotes.
    In your shopp(‘product’,’facebook’) command the quotes around product seem different from the ones around facebook.

  4. joyce
    joyce says:

    I am trying to use this plugin on and adding it to product.php but if I add it anywhere I am getting this error: [editor: removed link]
    I’m not a php programmer, but here is an example of where I put it to get that error: [editor: removed link] – do you know why this is?
    If I put it in the exact spot you describe in this post, it won’t show at all, it will just be invisible, non existent, but it won’t give an error. And yes, the plugin is active.

    Here is a sample url of a product: [editor: removed link]

    thanks for your help!

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