Shopp Customized Related Products

Adds the feature to select related products per product in the Product Editor section.
Enhance Cross-selling.

On the settings page of the plugin you can set:

  • Products per product
  • Products per row
  • Selection default (Tag or Category)
  • Category Orderby
  • Category Order (ASC/DESC)
  • Hide Empty
  • Tag Orderby
  • Tag Order (ASC/DESC)
  • Alternative Category in case no related products have been set yet
  • Title

In the Product Editor a new section will be present at the bottom of the page.

You can display the selected related products in the webshop by adding a new shopp tag (shopp(‘product.custom-related-products’)) to your product.php template. A good spot would be at the end of the page between the ‘endif’ and ‘else’ command.

This new tag works like any other Shopp tag, you can add options to override general settings.

There is a template you can copy to your /your-theme/shopp/ folder and adjust like any other Shopp template.

You can see the plugin at work in our Demoshop

When in doubt please contact us before buying.

Current version: 0.6.1