Shopp Cleaner

We have created a Shopp Cleaner plugin that will remove the traces of deleted products.

When you create a Shopp product, a lot of information is stored.
When you delete a Shopp product, not all stored information is removed.
The same goes for discounts, tags, categories.

The Shopp Cleaner plugin will

  • remove entries related to non-existing products from shopp_meta, shopp_price, shopp_index, shopp_summary and terms tables
  • remove unused images from shopp_meta table, and filestorage folder
  • remove entries related to non-existing discounts from shopp_price table
  • cleanup terms, term_taxonomy, term_relationships table
  • cleanup unused Shopp Tags
  • Start from scratch. This option will remove all entries related to your products, categories, tags, prices, terms but will leave your Customers and Orders untouched.

The Shopp Clean plugin should ONLY be used on Shopp installations version 1.3 or higher.

Current version: 0.8