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Shopp 1.2.9 and WordPress 3.7.x

You know what they say:  “Keep your software up to date”.
Especially when an update fixes security issues in the current version.
But also the new features could be worth going through the trouble of upgrading.

Unfortunately upgrading is also a risk. From time to time your website will be thrown off-balance by upgrading.

That is what happens for some when using Shopp 1.2.9 and update WordPress to a 3.7.x version.
They are not best friends immediately.
The most common error is the frontpage showing up completely blank.
Luckily there is a fix. It is available on the Shopp website but a little hard to find, so we will repeat it here.

Go to the functions.php file of your theme (Appearance -> Editor in your WordPress Admin)
add the next lines, be sure to not leave any empty lines at the end of this file

add_action('shopp_storefront_init', 'shopp_storefront_wp37_compat');
function shopp_storefront_wp37_compat() {
    add_filter('archive_template', array(ShoppStorefront(), 'pages'));

If file ends with a ” ?> ” -mark, then put the code just above that.
Save the changes and your webshop should be good to go.

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