Remove prices from Shopp variations dropdown menu

Shopp 1.2.x

When you add variations to your product, the associated prices will show up in the dropdown menu, on your product page.

If a different variation generates a different price then you will want your customers to know about it and have the price show up in the dropdown menu. But in the case the price doesn’t change no matter what variation is selected, there is no need for the price to show up.

The code responsible for displaying the variations on the product page of your Shopp webshop is in the product.php template file.

<?php if(shopp('product','has-variations')): ?>
    <ul class="variations">
        <?php shopp('product', 'variations', 'mode=multiple&label=true&defaults=Select an option&before_menu=<li>&after_menu=</li>'); ?>
<?php endif; ?>

Change this code to

<?php if(shopp(‘product’,’has-variations’)): ?>

    (we’ve added &pricetags=hide to the end of the options part of the shopp-tag)

    Keep in mind this will hide the price for variations on ALL your products.

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