Shopp Cleaner

This Shopp Cleaner plugin will remove traces of deleted products.

– DO NOT USE on Shopp installation versions lower than 1.3
– ALWAYS, ALWAYS backup your files and database before using this Shopp Cleaner plugin.

Functions performed:

  • remove entries related to non-existing products from shopp_meta, shopp_price, shopp_index, shopp_summary and terms tables
  • remove unused images from shopp_meta table, and filestorage folder (this option only works when filestorage system is used)
  • remove entries related to non-existing discounts from shopp_price
  • cleanup terms, term_taxonomy, term_relationships table
  • cleanup unused Shopp Tags
  • Start from scratch. This option will remove all entries related to your products, categories, tags, prices, terms but will leave your Customers and Orders untouched.

Ask anything before buying, and don’t push your luck with this plug-in, BACK UP your files and database.

Current version: 0.8

Shopp Images to Variations

Enhance your customer’s shopping experience by matching the preview image with the variations selected.

When you sell products in different colors or shapes you’ll want this add-on.
Every time your customers change their mind on a variation, the preview image follows along showing the matching image.

We have tested the add-on with

  • Database storage enabled
  • File storage enabled

A valid license key entitles you to updates and support for 1 year.
When the license key expires we will send you a renewal offer which will give you 45% discount.

Don’t worry, your add-on will still work after your license expires, unless an upgrade of the WordPress or Shopp software breaks the code.

You will have to have the Shopp e-commerce plugin installed to be able to use this add-on.
This plugin needs the default shopp(‘product’,’gallery’) command to be present in the template.

Current version: 0.6.1