Shopp Bulk Term Editor

The Shopp Bulk Term Editor plugin will save you a lot of time.

Browsing your products to add a tag, or remove one is a timeconsuming task.
The same goes for when you change your mind on category structure.

This Shopp Bulk Term Editor plugin lets you perform these tasks in just a few clicks.
So, what are you going to do with all that extra time?

More info can be found here (Please read before buying)

Current version: 0.3

Shopp Bulk Price Editor

Adjust the (sale)price of multiple products in seconds. No page browsing, no manual database editing.
Install the plugin, filter your products and select the way you want the selected prices to be adjusted.
This can be done by manually entering values, but also by setting a percentage, an amount, or a set price for all.

A valid license key entitles you to updates and support for 1 year.
When the license key expires we will send you a renewal offer which will give you 45% discount.

Don’t worry, your add-on will still work after your license expires, unless an upgrade of the WordPress or Shopp software breaks the code.

You will have to have the Shopp e-commerce plugin installed to be able to use this add-on.

Have a question? Please ask before buying.

Current version: 0.4