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  • Add your products the way you are used to do in Shopp
  • Add all images you want to use
  • Go to the Shopp Extra -> Shopp svi section
  • Select your product (only products with variations show up)
  • Add images to different combinations of your variations
  • You can use 4 different variations
  • Each variation can have ‘unlimited’ values

The Shopp Bulk Price Editor, the Shopp Bulk Term Editor, the Customized Related Products plugin, and the Facebook Like-button plugin can be found in the Shopp Extra menu too.

(the demoshop is running Shopp 1.3 but the plugins have been tested with all 1.3.x versions)

After testing the plugin in the demoshop, you can leave a comment here.
Don’t forget to visit our plugin store to find out about other useful plugins we created for Shopp, like the Bulk Product Importer and Product Exporter plugins.