Checkout your SHOPP Checkout

This is a small one but you know how confusing things can be for your customers.

If your checkout page is accessible to your customers not only through the cart page, but also through the menu or a widget, they may get confused.

Clicking the checkout page without having items in your cart, results in a screen with the “There are currently no items in your shopping cart” notice. And… that is it. You can help your customers get back to shopping by providing a link, just like it is done on the cart page.

In your WordPress Admin Panel, go to Appearance -> Editor
Find the checkout.php file
Add this code just before the “endif” command at the very end of the file

<?php else: ?>;
<a href=”<?php shopp(‘catalog’,’url’); ?>”>Continue Shopping</a>

You don’t have to limit yourself to this, you could display linked category images, or a list of products on sale. Be creative!

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