How to add your own Shopp tag

How to add your own Shopp tag

After working with Shopp for some time you will be familiar with the shopp(‘object’, ‘property’, ‘options’) tag that is used all over the Shopp templates. These Shopp tags make it super easy to customize the display of your webshop. There are a lot of tags built-in, but what is even better… you can create your own tags!
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Our Shopp Support Forum

Shopp has its own official Support Forum, aka Community Forum at This forum is accessible for people who have a valid Shopp Support plugin.

For those who don’t have a valid Shopp Support plugin, we have created an alternative forum.
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Your webshop has been deactivated

Probably the most horrible message to receive, your webshop is offline. Hopefully it doesn’t happen often, but if it does happen, I am sure you’ll want to be the first to know.
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How to set your Shopp webshop as homepage

Shopp uses virtual pages to display the catalog, categories and products. How do you set your storefront to be your homepage?
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Shopp is slow

Some people regret upgrading to Shopp 1.3 the moment they want to view their site after the upgrade.
The site is slow, in some cases sloooow, and in few it is really slooooooooooooooooooooow. Read more

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Shopp 1.2.9 and WordPress 3.7.x

You know what they say:  “Keep your software up to date”.
Especially when an update fixes security issues in the current version.
But also the new features could be worth going through the trouble of upgrading.
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Why donate, if it is free

Should you pay for something that is supplied for free? We think you should.
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Shopp price string to number, removing currency sign

Performing calculations on prices, subtotal and so on is kind of a problem with earlier versions of Shopp. Read more

Remove prices from Shopp variations dropdown menu

Shopp 1.2.x

When you add variations to your product, the associated prices will show up in the dropdown menu, on your product page.

If a different variation generates a different price then you will want your customers to know about it and have the price show up in the dropdown menu. But in the case the price doesn’t change no matter what variation is selected, there is no need for the price to show up.
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