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Shopp Cleaner

We created a Shopp Cleaner plugin that will remove the traces of deleted products, discounts, tags, categories and so on.

Shopp Bulk Price Editor – plugin

Adjusting prices for multiple products can take up some time in Shopp. But now there is an even better way to take care of bulk price editing, our new Shopp Bulk Price Editor plugin (Shopp BPE). You can test the Shopp Bulk Price Editor in our demoshop. The Shopp Bulk Price Editor can be found […]

WordPress admin shows a white page

Horror! You wanted to change something to optimize your WordPress website. Most likely you added code to your theme’s functions.php file. Code you wrote yourself or maybe a snippet you found on the internet. Unfortunately you end up with a blank page, all is gone, nothing but white. Ok, never mind, the code wasn’t good, […]

Keep copyright up to date

Did you recently come across a website with a footer looking like this “Copyright 2001 Some Company Name”? It is time to keep the copyrights up to date automatically. Use these few lines of code…

Shopp – images to variations

We have created a plugin that will change the image on the product page of your webshop, following the different variations your customer selects. After setting up the images with matching selections, if the initial image shows a red t-shirt and your customer selects Color-green, instantly the image will change to a green t-shirt. We […]