Our Shopp Support Forum

Shopp has its own official Support Forum, aka Community Forum at This forum is accessible for people who have a valid Shopp Support plugin.

For those who don’t have a valid Shopp Support plugin, we have created an alternative forum.
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Your webshop has been deactivated

Probably the most horrible message to receive, your webshop is offline. Hopefully it doesn’t happen often, but if it does happen, I am sure you’ll want to be the first to know.
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How to set your Shopp webshop as homepage

Shopp uses virtual pages to display the catalog, categories and products. How do you set your storefront to be your homepage?
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Shopp Bulk Term Editor

Don’t you have better things to do than browse your products one by one just to add or remove one or more tags or categories?

The Shopp Bulk Term Editor plugin will do this job for you in just a few clicks.
Create your tags and categories the way you have always done, then go to the Shopp Bulk Term Editor page (in Shopp Extra menu) and start applying them.

  • Select the products you want to make changes to;
  • Select Category or Tag;
  • Select Add or Remove;
  • Select the term;
  • Click perform action (nothing is saved yet);
  • Happy with the result? Click Save Changes.

That is all!

You can see the plugin at work in our Demoshop

When in doubt please contact us before buying.

Current version: 0.3

NOTE: You don’t need this plugin if all you want to do is:
– rename a category/tag already in use
– delete a category/tag from all products

Shopp Customized Related Products

Adds the feature to select related products per product in the Product Editor section.
Enhance Cross-selling.

On the settings page of the plugin you can set:

  • Products per product
  • Products per row
  • Selection default (Tag or Category)
  • Category Orderby
  • Category Order (ASC/DESC)
  • Hide Empty
  • Tag Orderby
  • Tag Order (ASC/DESC)
  • Alternative Category in case no related products have been set yet
  • Title

In the Product Editor a new section will be present at the bottom of the page.

You can display the selected related products in the webshop by adding a new shopp tag (shopp(‘product.custom-related-products’)) to your product.php template. A good spot would be at the end of the page between the ‘endif’ and ‘else’ command.

This new tag works like any other Shopp tag, you can add options to override general settings.

There is a template you can copy to your /your-theme/shopp/ folder and adjust like any other Shopp template.

You can see the plugin at work in our Demoshop

When in doubt please contact us before buying.

Current version: 0.6.1

Shopp Product Exporter

We have created a Shopp Product Exporter plugin that will export your product details to a CSV file. The exporter works properly on Shopp 1.3.x installations. We do not expect it to work with older Shopp versions.

This plugin will export all fields that can be set in the Shopp Product Editor screen.

The Shopp Exporter plugin exports the following properties*

  • Add-on(s)
  • Category name (and substructure)
  • Comments
  • Description
  • Details
  • Donation MIN
  • Donation VAR
  • Download (file name)
  • Exclude Taxes
  • Extra fee
  • Featured
  • Height
  • Image (file name)
  • Inventory
  • Length
  • Name
  • Not Taxed
  • Pingbacks
  • Price
  • Processing time MIN
  • Processing time MAX
  • Product Identifier (for use with Importer)
  • Publish
  • Sale
  • Sale price
  • Separate Packaging
  • SKU
  • Stock Quantity
  • Subscription trial
  • Subscription trial interval
  • Subscription trial period
  • Subscription trial price
  • Subscription billing cycles
  • Subscription billing interval
  • Subscription billing period
  • Summary
  • Tag(s)
  • Tax
  • Type
  • Variation(s)
  • Weight
  • Width

*all properties are related to the Product Editor screen of Shopp. For example, we are not exporting comments, but the setting for comments (on/off).

A few things to keep in mind.
The plugin exports the default fields you can fill out on the Shopp Product Editor screen. So it doesn’t export comments you may have on a product page but it exports the comments on/off setting. This also goes for settings like tax, ping, sale and so on.

If you have a plugin active that adds custom fields to the Shopp Product Editor screen, these custom fields will be EXCLUDED from export.

The plugin is developed with the structure of the Shopp Product Importer plugin in mind. On the Shopp Product Importer settings page some settings can be entered as default for all product. Because of that some fields will not be exported if the value is the same for all products.

Current version: 0.8

Shopp Auto Capture Payment

By default Shopp will authorize only on payments. The merchant can manually capture payment when products ship. This is confirm the rules set by Visa and Mastercard.

When merchants want to auto capture payment right away they can add a filter to their theme’s functions.php. To prevent merchants from having to get their hands dirty on coding we created a simple plugin that will do the same thing.

One more benefit, you will not lose the functionality on theme updates.

Download from GitHub
or free from Our Shop

Current version:

Shopp Cleaner

We have created a Shopp Cleaner plugin that will remove the traces of deleted products.

When you create a Shopp product, a lot of information is stored.
When you delete a Shopp product, not all stored information is removed.
The same goes for discounts, tags, categories.

The Shopp Cleaner plugin will

  • remove entries related to non-existing products from shopp_meta, shopp_price, shopp_index, shopp_summary and terms tables
  • remove unused images from shopp_meta table, and filestorage folder
  • remove entries related to non-existing discounts from shopp_price table
  • cleanup terms, term_taxonomy, term_relationships table
  • Start from scratch. This option will remove all entries related to your products, categories, tags, prices, terms but will leave your Customers and Orders untouched.

The Shopp Clean plugin should ONLY be used on Shopp installations version 1.3 or higher.

Current version: 0.7.3

Shopp Bulk Product Importer

This Shopp Bulk Product Importer plugin started out as ‘Shopp Importer’ by Catskin Studio. We used a 0.9 version as a template, but had to rewrite just about everything to make it work with Shopp 1.3.

We have created a full featured Shopp Product Bulk Importer. An importer that will not only work properly on new installations but also on webshops that already have products.

Apart from the four mandatory fields (name, price, category, product identifier), we have managed to also import the following properties*

  • Add-ons
  • Comments
  • Description
  • Details
  • Donation minimum amount required
  • Donation variable amount allowed
  • Download
  • Exclude taxes
  • Extra fee
  • Featured
  • Height
  • Image
  • Inventory
  • Length
  • Not Taxed
  • Pingbacks
  • Processing min. time
  • Processing max. time
  • Publish
  • Sale
  • Sale price
  • Separate Packaging
  • SKU
  • Slug (lookup only)
  • Subscription Trial
  • Subscription Trial interval
  • Subscription Trial period
  • Subscription Trial price
  • Subscription Billing Cycles
  • Subscription Billing interval
  • Subscription Billing period
  • Stock Quantity
  • Summary
  • Tag(s)
  • Type
  • Variation(s)
  • Weight
  • Width

*all properties are related to the Product Editor screen of Shopp. For example, we are not importing comments, but the setting for comments (disable/enable).

The plugin identifies your products by productname. In case your productnames are not unique, your SKU field should hold an unique identifier to make the plugin work properly.

Current version: 0.4.2


Shopp Bulk Price Editor – plugin

Adjusting prices for multiple products can take up some time in Shopp.

But now there is an even better way to take care of bulk price editing, our new Shopp Bulk Price Editor plugin (Shopp BPE).

You can test the Shopp Bulk Price Editor in our demoshop.

The Shopp Bulk Price Editor can be found in the WordPress menubar in the Shopp Extra menu option.

There are different ways to edit the price

  • enter the (sale)price of a product or variation or add-on manually
  • increase or decrease selected (sale)prices by percentage
  • increase or decrease selected (sale)prices by amount
  • set (sale)price of selected products to a certain amount

Changes will only be permanent after clicking ‘Save Prices’.

Try for yourself and let us know what you think.

Current version: 0.4

Without the plugin, there are some settings on the Product Editor page you can change to make your life easier:

  • at the top of the page near the ‘Update/Save Product’-button you can specify where you want to go after saving/updating. In some cases it will speed up the proces when you set it to “Edit Next”.
  • another thing you can do is drag the ‘Pricing’-section to the top of the page so you don’t have to scroll down on each newly loaded page.